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  • Tamika
    Basic Psychology
    💡Believe it or not, the brain is not equipped to understand itself and that's where psychology comes in — to help humans understand themselves. We'll learn and discuss about different psychological problems and theories in a fun and interactive way. See you soon!
  • Марія Дудич
    Business English
    We all want to feel confident when communicating with business colleagues or foreign partners, that is why the goal of our speaking club is to achieve confidence and be able to clearly express our thoughts on business topics.

    Here we talk about: 🏷brands, 💡successful startups, 💸money, 📈advertising, 🏫culture of formal style, 🔑key to success in business.

    So, I look forward to our meeting and let's dive into the world of business together.💵💱💰
  • Людмила Шульжук
    Legal English
    Have you ever thought how the laws work?🤔🤔
    What are the origins of several legislations in the world and how to deal with them? 😯
    The course of Legal English will be a perfect match for people seeking to find and apply the knowledge of…
    ✅ various spheres of law
    ✅ drafting legal documents with specific terminology
    ✅ legal practice and its purpose
    PS good mood and wide smile is a great bonus of this course ☺️😌
    So you are heartedly welcome ❤️ come and join us 🙌🏻
  • Priyanka
    Basic Psychology
    My name is Priyanka and I would like to wholeheartedly
    welcome you to our Psychology Lessons! 🌸
    In the lesson we will dive into the wonders of *Human Mind*, how we feel, how we think, we will explore some ideas and also listen to your amazing thoughts.
    The lesson will help you explore some key concepts, while making sure you are able to indeed talk about it and understand it better. It does not matter if you are a certified psychologist or just someone who is interested in this field, I am sure you can find something interesting in the lesson, something worth thinking about. We will work together on Building your confidence 💪 and of course your knowledge 📚
    Let's embark on the journey of self discovery and understanding, let's research about this astonishing science and talk about it in our ESP club! 👩🏫
  • Zohre
    Hello everyone,
    I am writing about my speaking club, where I aim to address topics that are not only managerial but also of general interest. The subjects I have presented so far encompass various aspects, such as the positive culture of an organization and the art of conducting interviews. While these topics primarily fall under the category of HR management, they are accessible to students of all educational backgrounds due to their widespread familiarity.
  • Дар'я Загребельна
    Artificial Inteligence
    Hello guys.🦋
    Join our speaking club where we are delving into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are discovering the limitless possibilities and advancements in AI together. ✨
    I'd be so excited to see you.🌼
  • Zainab
    Business English
    My name is Zainab and I would like to welcome each and everyone of you to my "Business English lessons"
    Business English plays a crucial role in our day to day life.
    It includes different spheres and its vast beyond our imagination 💭

    For instance
    📌 How to crack an interview
    📌 Work ethics and basic principles
    📌 Step up your own business

    I look forward to learning and growing together, no matter where you are in your learning journey with us. It might be challenging but exciting, and we encourage you to learn with us and explore each sphere.
    I am bursting with excitement to meet each one of you.
  • Анна-Марія Гупало
    I'm sure you have heard about marketing - activity of promoting and selling products or services📊, but did you know that it is literally everywhere?😱

    Hi!👋 My name is Anna-Maria and we are going to discuss different types of marketing in the most interesting way as possible!📈🤓 Be ready to learn new information or share your knowledge🤩 See you soon!
  • Harry
    English for IT
    Greetings my dear students!

    Welcome to the IT Speaking Club, where technology and English language skills come together! This club is designed for students like you who are interested in Information Technology (IT) and want to improve their English speaking abilities while discussing IT-related topics.

    We will explore a wide range of IT topics in our club meetings. You can express your thoughts, exchange ideas, and learn through engaging discussions, group activities, and interactive exercises.

    Join us at the IT Speaking Club and embark on a journey of improving your English language skills while exploring the exciting world of Information Technology. Get ready to engage in stimulating discussions, expand your knowledge, and have fun along the way!
  • Dapo
    Hey there! 👋🩺
    Welcome to our Medical Speaking Club! ❤️📣

    In this club, we aim to boost your confidence and enhance your ability to express your thoughts clearly on a variety of medical topics.⚕⚕⚕
    Join us as we dive into the captivating world of medicine, discussing:
    👩⚕️ Patient Care: Discuss the importance of empathy, compassion, and effective communication in healthcare.
    💡 Medical Ethics: Prepare for thought-provoking discussions on the ethical dilemmas.
    📚 Medical Vocabularies: Discover the language of healthcare professionals.

    We'll help you grasp essential terminology for effective communication in healthcare.
    Let's unlock the power of medical language together! 💬👩⚕️📚
  • Zain
    Hello there, my lovely students!

    I'd like to personally Welcome everyone in the nutrition speaking club! 🤗
    Nutrition plays a crucial role in our overall health and well-being. It involves the study of the nutrients found in food, their importance for our bodies, and how they impact our physical and mental functioning. By understanding the science of nutrition, we can make informed choices about what we eat and optimize our diet to support our bodies' needs.

    In this lesson, we will explore the fundamental principles of nutrition, including macronutrients, micronutrients, and the importance of a balanced diet. We will also delve into the relationship between nutrition and various aspects of our health, such as metabolism, energy levels, weight management, and disease prevention. Get ready to discover the power of proper nutrition and how it can positively impact our lives. Let's dive into the fascinating world of nutrition!
  • Majed
    In my speaking club we will learn medical English and medical terminology, we also discuss common diseases and their symptoms, diagnostic methods, treatment and prevention.
  • Nyime
    Hello dear students! 😊

    Welcome to the nutrition speaking club!

    Would you like to explore the relationship between diet and wellbeing?
    In our lessons you would discover the impact of food on our body
    🌱You will discover the impact of food on your health and wellbeing, and explore ways to improve your general nutrition.
    🌱Our immune system and how you can build resilience through healthy eating.
    🌱healthy nutrition and current nutritional trends.

    We're excited to have you join us!
  • Zoë
    Are you a connasseiur of cosmetology💄💅🏽🪞? Then you've come to the right place.
    In our speaking club we will have conversations about the vast world of cosmetology and all it's different aspects.
    🧐Are you curious about how Queen Elizabeth the first achieved her signature Red Lip?
    🤨Are you curious about what our ancestors used for what we in the modern world call "make-up"?
    🥸Are you curious about the history of make-up in different cultures?
    🤨What theories exist about the Egyptian Pharoahs and cosmetics?
    🧐Are you curious about the peculiar make-up trends in 19th century Asia?
    I'm looking forward to talking about this information with our exclusive members.🤩🤩🤩
  • Олександра Сколовєтрова
    What is art for you? 🤔 Are you ready to learn more about it? Our lessons will be full of interesting words and phrases.We will become professionals in the field of art 🥰 We will discuss everything from music to sculpture 😍See you! 🤗
  • Дар'я Загребельна
    Hello everyone✨
    Looking forward to seeing you in our culinary speaking clubs🤩
    We will explore various aspects of culinary arts, such as popular dishes, cooking techniques, and cultural influences on food. It will be a great opportunity to share your own culinary experience, exchange recipes, and learn from each other.🌸